List of missionaries and ministries supported by The Waters Church
Name and or Ministry Ministry Location Website Email
Bobby & Jen Loukenin MN Youth Alive Central MN http://msmstudent.com/ya/ minnesotayouthalive@yahoo.com
Brett & Patty Donahue Ten Racing Sauk Rapids http://www.tenracing.com/ http://www.tenracing.com/index.php/contact
Chris & Brooke Cortte SCSU Chi Alpha St Cloud https://www.greatplainsxa.com/volunteer Chriscortte@icloud.com
Christian & Sheena Kirmeier Youth for Christ Sartell https://www.cmyfc.org/about/staff/ christianrkirmeier@gmail.com
Dan & Erin Pack Native American Ministries// Akina Minneapolis South MPLS Akinampls.com the5packfamily@gmail.com
Elevate (Birthline) St Cloud http://www.birthline.org/ info@elevatestcloud.org
Geary & Carol Jean Smith Place of Hope St Cloud https://placeofhopeministries.org/ hope@placeofhopeministries.org/
Jeremy & Nicole Snoberger FCA Central MN http://www.minnesotafca.org/jeremy-snoberger jsnoberger@fca.org
Kelli & Jeremy Patrick MN Youth Alive Central MN http://msmstudent.com/ya/ yapatrick.mn@gmail.com
Kevin Senapatiratne Christ Connection Podcast MN/ Reaching Nations https://www.youtube.com/user/christconnection kevinchristconnection@gmail.com
Pregnancy Resource Center St Cloud https://www.preghelp.com/ info@preghelp.com
Terebinth Refuge St Cloud https://www.terebinthrefuge.org/ office@terebinthrefuge.org
Youth For Christ Sartell http://www.cmyfc.org/about/ marys@cmyfc.org.
Name and or Foundation Ministry Location Website Email
Brent Silkey Chi Alpha @ St Thomas St Paul https://www.greatplainsxa.com/volunteer brent.silkey@gmail.com
Caleb Monson FREE International MN caleb@freeinternational.org
Chris & Monica DeLaurentis (ICCM) The Life Center Mpls https://changingourcity.org/index.html mail@changingourcity.org
Noe and Bertha Lara Creative Love Church Bloomington http://www.creativelovechurch.com/ Noe@creativelovechurch.com
Gary & Faith Fry (Heal Our Land) Spirit of Life Church St Paul https://www.spiritoflifeag.com/gary-faith-fry-heal-our-land-ministries/ fry12003@yahoo.com
Jarvis & Jane Glanzer Watermark Church Plant Stillwater https://www.stillwatermark.com/ Jarvis@stillwatermark.com / Jane@stillwatermark.com
Joseph and Wendy Dyess Free International US jody@freeinternational.org
John & Shannon Velzor North Star Church Plant Coon Rapids https://www.northstarcommunity.org/ pastorjohn@northstarcommunity.org
Jose & Jenna Perez One Reason Church Plant Mpls https://www.onereasonchurch.com/ Jose@onereasonchurch.com / Jenna@onereasonchurch.com
Josh and Lindsey Nelson Relevant Church Plant Plymouth http://relevantchurchmn.net/ josh@rcmn.church
Josiah & Micah Kennealy Normandale Community College Chai Alpha Normandale josiahkennealy@gmail.com
Kevin & Sarah Rambsy, Chris & Amanda Ratcliff Arise Detriot https://arisechurchdetroit.com/ connect@arisechurchdetroit.com
Marcus & Kjersten Refsland Timbers Church Plant Rogers http://timberschurch.org/ contact@timberschurch.org
Michael & Jaime Janetis Oceans Church Plant Destin, FL https://www.oceanschurch.org/ info@oceanschurch.org
Reid Peterson Chi Alpha @ The Edge Winona https://www.greatplainsxa.com/volunteer FB
Richard Baker Youth Alive Rochester/MN http://msmstudent.com/ya/ mnya@charter.net
Steph Peterson Chi Alpha @ The Edge Winona https://www.greatplainsxa.com/volunteer steph@winonaedge.org
Tim & Ginger Olson Ceder Ridge Church Plant Ham Lake https://www.cedarridgechurchmn.org/ cedarridgechurchmn@gmail.com
Tony & Jill Gazelle Tree Top Kids Isanti http://www.treetopkids.net/about-us/ tony@treetopkids.net
US MAPS Vol. http://usmaps.ag.org/ usmaps@ag.org
Venture Burnsville https://venture.org/contact/ info@venture.org
Wes & Nancy Vagle MAPS Burnsville wnvagle627@gmail.com
Name and or Foundation Ministry Location Website Email
Abel & Lois Amirthajaj India FB: Abel Amirthajaj
Abrahamson Family Middle East FB: Travis Kari Abrahamson
Andrew & Jennie Arab World jenniejoyo@gmail.com
Brad & Rhonda Waltz Latin America brad.walz@agmd.org
Brandon & Rachel Powell Thailand brandon.powell@agmd.org
Calcutta Bible School India priorityonemissions@gmail.com
Charles & Tahnya Porter Africa http://www.charlesandtahnya.net/ FB: The Porterhouse
Chris & Amy Stubbs South Africa chris.stubbs@agmd.org
Craig & Natalia Baumtrog Mexico City Baumtrogmissions.com Craig.baumtrog@agmd.org
David & Kandra Millsap Baltic David.Millsaps@agmd.org
Dirk & Bobbie Currier Thrive Rescue Thailand https://thriverescue.org/contact-us dirkcurrier@hotmailcom
Donald Gallagher Eurasia/Turkey donald.gallagher@ma.agmd.org
Flynn & Renee Clanton Columbia flynn.clanton@agmd.org
Gerritt & Tara Kenyon Panama gerritt.kenyon@agmd.org
Isaac & Andrea Moraga Costa Rica/US mf4missions@gmail.com FB: @MFMissions
Jacob & Gina Anderson Wycliffe Ministry Pilot Brazil https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/C3FB28 https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/C3FB28
Jean Johnson Five Stones Global Global https://fivestonesglobal.org/ Jean@fivestonesglobal.org
Johansen Family Middle East lifefotographer@gmail.com
Jon & Jen Dahlager Costa Rica jon.dahlager@agmd.org
Julia Lowenberg Africa's Hope Africa julia.lowenberg@agmd.org
Julie Boone Chile julie.boone@ma.agmd.org
Kelley Newell Way Maker- FCA/Kingdom Builders/CEI Unreached World/MN knewell@fca.org
Kelvin and Monica Johnson Jungle Kids for Christ Ecuador www.junglekidsforchrist.org Sign up for newsetters on website.
Mark & Anjali Jones Africa majonesmtius@msn.com
Mark & Heather Sullivan Pan-Asia shininghislove@gmail.com
Micah & Essie Rouser Asia Request for email info.
Mike Reini Cambodia mike.reini@agmd.org
Olivia & Nick Puccini Estonia nick.puccini@agmd.org
Paul & Robin Kramer Thailand www.simplyserving.org paul.kramer@agmd.org; robyn.kramer@agmd.org
Patrick & Kalyna Stitt Japan https://stittfamilyinjapan.com/mission/ Patrick@agmd.org; FB: Stitt Family in Japan
Phil & Denise Reed Ukraine phil@thereedreport.org
Sam & Laura Witwicke Paraguay FB: https://facebook.com/groups/380464792684323/ sam.witwicke@ma.agmd.org
Scott & Sarah Berkey Kenya scott.berkey@ma.agmd.org
Soles For Jesus Africa info@solesforjesus.org
Steve & Jacque Sullivan Myanmar steve.sullivan@agmd.org
Steve & Kim Asia Request for email info.
Steve & Natalie Livedead North Africa See: livedead advocacy site for prayer sno@sent.com; FB group: request for details
Tanya & Luke Mckinley Lithuania luke.mckinley@agmd.org
Tim and Angie Arab World Request for email info/ updates
The Decker Family East Africa tim@wearethedeckers.com
Wayne & Natalie Eurasia Request for email info/ updates
ZOE Kenya tina@wearezoe.org
The Waters Church was started as a missions project causing missions to be part of our DNA. God spoke to many people's hearts and out of generosity, they gave. We know that God has put us in the Sartell area, in this nation, and in our world for a very clear purpose: TO BECOME KINGDOM BUILDERS.