Waters YTH

Waters YTH Service Times

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Waters YTH 5th Grade – 7th Grade

Waters YTH 8th Grade – 12 Grade

2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month | Small Groups | 6pm

Every Wednesday, students from the Sartell area get together to have a good time, see their friends, meet new ones, and learn about God’s plan for their lives.

Overflow is a place to have a personal encounter with God, a place to be accepted just as you are, a place to bring your friends, a place to use your passions, & be moved to change the world you live in.

When we come together on Wednesdays, our goal is to give students an environment to Worship God, hear the Bible taught in a creative, relevant way, and finally, to provide community and discussion through switch groups. Our switch groups are split up by grade so that students are with people going through the same things they are! They meet in safe settings with our amazing, well-trained leaders.